Imbolc kits

Imbolc kits

Imbolc/Imbolg Brigids day is obviously a very special to  me and so many others who love Brigid and follow her.  It's a day we start to say good bye to winter and help to welcome in spring, its a day of rebirth  and growth, of new life!  So because of this,  I decided to share with the world a little piece of my heart
                             This special limited kit includes

. A special one of a kind necklace just for you. Each kit has a different one.  With a different stone and symbol but yet all connected to Brigid.  When you wear your special  necklace may it bring you love and peace and  may you think of her. Blessed by yours truly and also charged by the full moon.  

. A travel size lavender smoke stick to help cleanse and calm the area around you.  I use these almost every single day when I come home from my day to cleanse all of the bad away and welcome in the peace. 

. A special lavender wax melt bar made by yours truly just like everything else in this kit.  To fill your home with the sweet smell of lavender, and help fill all of your senses with the  love of Brigid and the welcoming of what's to come.

. A small bag of herbs  made just for Imbolc/Imbolg Brigids day. To do with what you please.  To dress a candle, to use however you see fit for the day.  The herbs were grown from my little tiny garden or hand picked very locally by yours truly. All with the best of intentions and love.

May your day be amazing !

Ps. And a very special surprise!!!!!!! Included!!!!!!!