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Shadow work

Shadow work can be a sob. We have to take a look back at our whole entire life and try and work through everything we've been through and experienced rather it be good or bad.

I always wonder for most if it's not so good. Everyone has their own trauma in some form of another to work through. And councilors and therapists can truly help with that. But with that comes heart ache, an awakening. And loss of friendships and family members. Unfortunately not everyone can understand or accept your truth and your past and your life, because it wasn't their own.

Even with all of that it's important to still do it. So you can grow and maybe change some of the habits that were put on you by those past experiences.

I'm not going to go into the details of my shadow work for it's far to personal. Just that it's rough, and even though it's hard. It still needs to happen.

But!!! With it comes healing, in my case a healing ritual I'll be making myself not borrowed from someone else. While its important to remember that is still ok. It's ok to borrow a ritual or spell from someone else to try and heal. For me this is part of my work of my own healing. When it gets close to the new moon I'll be putting that same ritual on here. So maybe just maybe if someone has their own trauma and shadow work and healing they need to go through maybe someone will see this. And maybe it will help them as much as it can help me.

It's time for growth everyone. For me and for whoever needs it. You maybe asking yourself what does this have to do with a small buisness. Well the answer is, everything. You can't try and successfully run one without being absolutely true to yourself. And getting through yourself first.

Stay tuned my lovely. Just be patient with me as well.



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