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This fire festival besides imbolc obviously, is definitely my favorite.

It's the time when the veil is thin between our world and the other world. It's a time to honor your ancestors or maybe even help one pass on. For communication and reflection. For welcoming in the dark months and saying goodbye to summer. To honor the dark goddesses the old and wise. And much much more.

Samhain in Irish means November. Yep I said it. November. So yes celebrating it on Oct 31rst is just fine. Shoot I celebrated the 30th, today the 31rst and when I get home from work tomorrow night I'll be honoring my grandmother. There's no real (maybe around the 1rst ) set time or date. There's wiggle room. No worries lmao

My Samhain this year starting with yesterday consisted of a beautiful ritual to Hekate with my coven, and a wonderful feast after, with a little divination for kicks.

Today I relaxed and did some divination. And tomorrow after the hustle and bustle from work. I'll come home clean up a bit. Grab my grandmother's picture and her tea cup. And make her a fresh cup of tea. Sit next to her and think on all of the amazing times we had together and maybe a little song like her favorite.

Simple and sweet. There's nothing really more for me to say or that I can think of. I hope everyone has had and has a beautiful Samhain 😍



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