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Sad day for women in this so called country

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Today the Supreme Court decided to overturn row v wade. What's this mean for women?

Some say, its just going back to the states. It's not a big deal.

Well this is where they couldn't be anymore wrong.

States like MO Texas Alabama and others have a trigger. That's already been activated before the ink even dried today. That banned them in their states.

Rather your for abortions or not. This is bigger then just that. This is bigger then pro choice or "pro life"

This is a fundamental right stripped from women all over.

This affects birth controls as to now many are illegal. BIRTH CONTROL.

If a women has her tubes tied and ends up with a ectopic pregnancy. That WILL kill her. Now she is dead. Because the procedure to save her life is now illegal. There is no such thing as first do no harm anymore. Because that's exactly what is happening. All harm.

Let's not forget the poor women and children, yes I said children. That are affected by rape and insist on a daily basis in this country. Those poor people are now to suffer for the rest of their lives for something they did not chose.

Let's not forget the young teenagers that simply made a mistake, and now at the age of 15 have their lives taken away from them.

The mothers who may have wanted a baby, but was robbed and shot in the stomach. And now their little ray of hope is gone. That mother is now being charged with murder for something she has 100% not asked for. She already lost a life. Now she's losing hers as well.

You may have your beliefs and choices. But so does everyone. And now there is no CHOICE . It should always have been a choice no matter where you stand. And now women have 0 choices. 0!!

The fundamental right over our bodies are being taken away. Gone.

If you think this is the end. Your mistaken.

It wasn't till 1973 that women could even have credit cards in their own name. Wasn't long before that they could have bank accounts in their name only. And you forget. It was only 1920 that women fought so hard and tirelessly for the right to vote !!!!

And that's already being challenged in some states !

This doesn't stop with your right to your own body. This goes farther then your mind can realize.

This country is in its last days of democracy.

It wasn't found on freedom for all. It was found on freedom for the rich white man. Don't forget that.

The rights women have fought so hard for are being taken away. This is a fight. Not just for us. But for all.

Now this is a link to an amazing organization. If you'd like to you can support it. If not that fines. In just giving the option.

It's time to rise raise hell and leave.

We have no choice. It's war.

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