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Our Fight

Updated: Jan 1

Some may know this and some may not. But Brigid would perform abortions on woman who ASKED for them and then would turn around and heal their bodies.

There's more then one reason I believe Brigid chose me. And now she's calling my fight to duty.

We as women are at a horrible time and point in our history where our rights are being taken away bit by bit. First it's roe v wade, then it's any and all birth control, then it's voting rights, then it's our right to work and own businesses. I think you get my point. It's not just one thing. It's all things.

Rather your pro choice or pro life. You have to realize this affects EVERYTHING.

If your my age which is in your 30s. You know this was our grandmother's generation fight. And it is now our fight.

Our fight for freedom, our fight for choice ! Our fight to live without fear of living!

If your a woman,

A pagan,

A witch,

A follower of Brigid or whoever!

A mother,

Or just a woman with a brain!

You'll join in this fight for not only our future but future generations that will be affected by this!

Just because something is made illegal doesn't mean it won't happen. It just won't happen safely.

Stand !!! And let's fight together !!!!

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