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Longest lunar eclipse

Dia dhuit!

As most know tonight my time which is central us time. The longest lunar eclipse in our lifetime will happen from 1 am till it reaches its fullest at 4 am. This blood moon lunar eclipse is powerful and amazing and beautiful.

There are some social media platforms that are so full of misinformation telling witches to stay away it's to crazy.

Honey listen. Do you and what's best for you.

Me? Wonna know what I did.

I'm taking advantage of the power of and beauty and wonder of this time.

This girl cleansed the shit out of her house, did a boundary protection spell on the outside of my home all around it. Yes set out water yes set out crystals. And something personal.

I made my cup of herbal lavender honey tea. Took it outside. And held it up to the glorious moon. Brought it back down took a sip. And then lifted it back up.

I let the moon fill me and fill my tea. Let it's energies fill everything in my life. I did me.

Which is exactly what you should do.

Do you.

Slán babes !!!!!!!!

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