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Imbolc 2023

This year for Imbolc is my very first one in my own home that I bought in March of last year. Right after Imbolc. This year is special. I'm not inviting Brigid into a home someone else owns. Even though there's nothing wrong with that. This is just especially special to me.

I did something a little different this year. Instead of finding the certain materials for my Brigids cross, that is usually used. I found rope. Unbraided it and made it into her cross.

It may not look perfect, but it's perfect above my hearth. I wish with all of my might I could be in kildare celebrating with everyone as this year is the very first St. Brigids Day nationally in Ireland. An actual holiday that passed. And it's so exciting for the country and everyone who has or is devoted to Brigid. What an amazing special day, indeed.

In Ireland Brigids day is the welcoming of spring, and saying goodbye to the winter/dark months. Welcoming in the light and warmth.

Obviously, here in the US, that isn't necessarily the case here. But ! If you know me, you know I despise the cold. So I welcome Brigids Day with open arms.

May her flame warm my heart, body, and soul.

Another tradition, at least for me, that I've done this year is that I made Brigids altar very special for the day. With an offering of whiskey for welcoming her into my home. And 3 red candles to represent her and her flame. All for warmth, and so she knows she's always welcome.

Along with some of my lavender burned for her, of course.

Another tradition that almost everyone that is devoted to Brigid knows is the tying of the scarf outside. For once, I didn't have to leave it under my doormatt. No. This year, I started my own rose garden in front of my porch. I took my special scarf. Just for imbolc just for Brigid to bless. And ti

ed it on the rose bush that was so beautiful this year and did so well. I also poured out some Irish liquor as an offering to Brigid. So when she comes by tonight. May she bless the scarf and intake on the liquor.

The scarf is said to help heal head aches and other ailments if blessed by Brigid on the eve of Imbolc.

A little prayer to Brigid, her alter just for her, a rope Brigid cross, and the scarf to be blessed.

It doesn't seem like much.

But she knows I love her. I speak to her every day.

Have a blessed imbolc, everyone.

Slàn !!!!

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