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Happy New year !!!!

A 1000 welcomes everyone !!! It's been months and months since I've posted. Mainly because life has a funny way of getting in the way of things. Lol, but I'm back. My goal is to at least make a blog post a week. Nothing to overwhelming.

This new year has already brought on some great things to come. And im so excited to be doing them !!!

I decided this year I wasn't going to be making any silly resolutions, but actually doing something. Last year I bought my very first house. And have been non-stop ever since !!! This year, there are so many amazing things to come that I can't wait to share !

But my first? Is my trip to Ireland this summer!!!

That's a big one I plan to write about every single night when I'm settled down. You'll get the 10 days of Ireland, which is what I'm gonna call it. Every detail!!!

This is a short one. Just Happy New Year !!! And please be safe !


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