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Daughter of Brigid

Dia dhuit! Where shall I begin?

Let’s start with the simple question- who is a Daughter of Brigid?

I, along with many other followers of, am a daughter of Brigid.

Brigid is the Celtic goddess of hearth, poetry and blacksmithing. She is also a saint in Catholicism. Some say she was a saint first and others believe she was first a goddess that was borrowed by the church. Regardless of one’s belief, she is my goddess as well as many other’s.

A little bit about me and what to know when reading my future blogs:

I am a mom, hairstylist, a wife and a small business owner. I have a very busy life. I begin my day on the road for a 2 hour round trip to take my husband to work followed by getting myself to work. After cutting hair all day, I pick him up, make dinner, take care of my kids, and do every adult duty before closing my eyes (and doing it all over again the next day). Lol.

So why in the world start a small business when my life is so hectic as is? Why not?!

But what is my small business? I make jewelry , smoke sticks, wax melts and more. It’s what I love and practice. I’m a proud Celtic witch.

I wasn't always a witch though. I may have always known deep down that I was, but I was never allowed to even think it growing up. It was "the devils work". Well, now that I'm a grown ass woman and don't have such boundaries, I am free to do as I please and practice what I please. Being a witch is what I truly think I was meant for. As a witch, I learn and grow constantly.

But this blog isn't so much about that. This blog is about my journey as a new small business owner. The ups and definitely downs; the exciting moments and the heart breaking ones; the learning moments and the ones that make you humble— All while embracing the Pagan world.

And , yes, I will surely share my experiences with Brigid, of course,

and other things. But, sit down and buckle up and come with me on this journey of mine !

Slàn !!!!!!!!

Yours truly,

Daughter Of Brigid.

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