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Brigid Trauma and Healing Ritual

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Dia dhuit !!!!!

This ritual I created myself for myself honestly. I had alot of healing to do, and still do. But this has helped me so much, it felt like the biggest weight had been taken off of my shoulders. I know someone out there maybe in the same boat as me and just trying to heal from the hell that has been your life. To not be so triggered by things or people, because of upbringings or whatever you have gone through. But to set boundaries and forgive. Not for them but for you and you only. And forgiving doesn't mean forgetting, it doesn't even mean to trust or let your boundaries go. It means to let yourself know. It's ok. You have made it through. You are strong, and you've got this. Look how far you have come! Against all odds. You got this !!!

So here it is, this is what worked for me.

I waited till it was a new moon, for the simple fact of letting go and renewal and healing that can be done.

. Have a fire pit and some moon water or just plain water ready to go, and something to offer. I personally had lavender and of course moon water. And also a letter of every single detail of your life or trauma that you can possibly manage to write down. No one has to see this but you. Remember. This is for you.

. Open your Brigid circle Especially since this is designed specifically to work with Brigid. If you don't know how to do that. That's fine I honestly learned mine from -Courtney Weber in her book on Brigid- I encourage all to go read that book. Especially if your a follower.

.I opened my fire pit and offered Brigid my Lavender.

. Then I took that 15 page letter I had and one by one I burned the pages and each time saying this.

.Brigid burn away the trauma, burn away pain of the past, burn away the hate and resentment. Brigid burn it all away.

I said that with each and every page. And as I was burning all of those pages. I couldn't help but cry, the emotions took over.

I then turned towards the healing waters.

. I took my moon water and lavender. I offered the lavender to Brigid in the waters, but I also offered back the waters to the land.

. I then took some of that water that was left and made Brigids cross on my heart and my head, while saying this.

. Brigid of the healing well and of the healing waters, help me heal of this pain of this hurt of this trauma.

As I was doing this I could feel her with me. The emotion the ease, the goosebumps on my skin. She was there she is there. She is with me. Always. And she never let's me forget it. I'm never alone. Because she is there.

. I then thanked her and closed my Brigid circle.

This is what worked for me. And I truly hope that it can help someone else.





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