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Another year another age

If you havent noticed all of these posts have been posted within a few minutes of each other. That's because instead of having a blog and a website I just combined the two and am posting what I have from there to here. All of these posts are about a month apart lol and this one is from yesterday.

Making things a little easier on me.

First let me say I'm sorry for never posting the ritual, I did it and have it, and it turned out absolutely amazing and truly helped me heal. Life has just gotten the best of me. But today as I sit here on my 35th birthday. I lit my candles on my Brigid altar burned some of my homemade insence, and just Thanked her for being with me. Thanked her for everything. Let the happiness sink in.

This next part I wasn't sure if I should share or not because it feels personal but at the same time I want the world to know how amazing she is also.

I'm sitting here looking at my altar with my celtic tarot deck just shuffling it. Thanking Brigid. I just sit there for a moment holding them. When I turn my card over. It's the temperance card. If you have the Celtic tarot deck you know that's the Brigid card. Thr level of jpyfulnees I feel and happiness is out of this world.

I try and honor her everyday of somehow even if it's just thinking of her. But I truly can't wait till July when I can pay my absolute respect to her. I hope you all have felt this feeling and experienced something like this. If not I can't wait for to have this. It's It's feeling like I've never felt before and I couldn't be anymore greatful.

And I promise I will get that post up. If it's the last thing I do. Lol

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