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A little back story. Me and my husband decided to exchange yule gifts early. Mainly because I couldn't wait to give him his.

Well he gave me this tripple Goddess mirror I had my eyes on. And to our surprise it was alot smaller then we had thought.

So I sat it down for a day so I could think on what to do with it, because I couldn't even hang it up.

So tonight as I tendered to my Brigid altar that So desperately needed it. I lit the insence, lit all of the candles, then said a little prayer in my head to my magnificent Goddess. I just stood there quietly letting the silence sink in and the thoughts go away.

But then it dawned on me, well Brigid I feel may have kicked it in to gear. For this mirror, this beautiful tiny mirror.

To either in the morning or night light my white candle maybe say a few words to my beautiful Goddess, and write on that mirror what I'm seeking for the next day or that day. For patience , for love, for kindness, for courage.

All of the things that we all could use and need. To help me be a better person for myself and for others. To keep the healing going.

Not only is this great for the soul and mind, but it's a great way to tender to my altar at least once a day, and slow down a bit. Take a breath and calm myself.

Anyways I hope everyone is having a great holiday !!!!!! Happy yule everyone!!!!!


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