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12 days of Yule.

Tis the night before yuletide and all through the house. Not a creator was stirring, not even a mouse.

We all know that tale, but do we know where the 12 days of Christmas came from??

Well let me tell you.

I learned the other day while watching things on and about yule, because I'm always so fascinated as to how everyone else in the world celebrates things.

I learned that people in other countries who celebrated yule/winter solstace a very long time ago. Use to take a huge branche of a tree ,and take them in their homes or wherever they burned the wood. And put them in their fire places and let them burn down to ash for the next 12 days.

And on the 12th day, when the wood was completely ash. They would take the ashes of the branch and spread them on the land they use to grow food, for fertility. It was said that it would bring luck to the crops and harvest the following year and bring good fortune to them.

And later turned by the church to the 12 days of Christmas.

How fascinating is that !!!!!!!

So it gave me an idea ! I don't have a fireplace nor a huge branch 🤣🤣 but what I do have are candles !!!!

So I decided starting Monday night the 20th going into the 21rst, yule or first day of.

I'd light one of my protected 8 hour candles, throughout the whole night, and welcome in the light at sunrise. I'd wake up ( cause let's face it I can't hang anymore. Alnightiers are not for me!!! ) make a cup of tea or coffee. Sit there with my ancestors, and welcome in the new light.

Then later that night of the 21rst. I'd get the yule log and decorate with my kids. We would write down our hopes and dreams for the new year and what we would like to accomplish. Then we would attach these letters to the yule log. Take it outside to the fire pit. And say a mini chant for yule and light it on fire. And let our hopes for the new year go into the

universe :)

And that night, again, I will light another candle, and have a repeat of the coffee or tea with my ancestors and welcome in the light.

And I will do this all through the new years. All 12 days of yule.

Happy Holidays everyone.

From my Hearth to yours !!!!


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