Dia dhuit !!!!!

One hundred thousand welcomes!!!!  Where you can find beautiful handcrafted  jewelry by yours truly, things to calm and relax you like Lavender smoke sticks and smell goods like my wax melts! I hope you enjoy ! And always visit frequently for there is always something new. 



The Story of Daughter Of Brigid

Daughter Of Brigid LLC is an online Jewelry and more store. Proprietor Meghan, started off just by making a couple necklaces for some friends and it grew from there.  She feels why not share the love with the world.


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What are the payment options?

We except all major credit cards,  debit cards excepted by the processing company.

Do you offer gift cards?

No at this time we do not, but stay tuned for special discounts!!

What is your return policy?

See our return policy in the policy section

Do You Offer Free Shipping?

yes we do!!! to US/Domestic!!